IS BOG Quick Service for breakfast?

I have the summer quick service meal plan where I get 1 free quick service meal per day, can I use this at BOG for character breakfast?

BOG is quick service for breakfast, but is NOT a character breakfast. Likewise lunch. Only dinner is a character meal, with Beast, and then it is considered a TS meal.

Thanks @mkmuzzy!, would you still recommend doing it? I managed to get an 8:35am time. Is there any character dining options with quick service for any restaurant ? (I’m assuming not).

I really don’t know enough in terms of whether to recommend it for breakfast. Many people like to do it, especially as a pre-rope drop. I haven’t been there since BOG opened, but I do have an ADR for lunch there this July - and I’m really looking forward to it! The list of character dining has no quick service ones for any meal, but there are several buffets including some breakfast buffets (such as Crystal Palace).

All character meals would be a table service credit and you would have to pay for those separately.

BOG is a great value on the dining plan. An adult breakfast is currently around $23 I think. For your 8:35 breakfast, as long as the don’t start doing that extra change morning thing people have been watching for, your breakfast gets you in a pretty empty MK (assuming park opens at 9:00). You can enter before 8:00, preorder your ,meal the day before,many get in line and maybe even ride an attraction before the park opens! Just keep an eye out for the extra morning breakfast deal that may change all of this!

Oh awesome, yeah it says MK opens at 9am, so I can arrive early? that’s great to know! I’ll keep an eye your for it, thanks!

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