Is August reservation worth keeping?

I have a campsite reservation at Fort Wilderness with a local RV rental for late August. Have great airfare from the northeast too. I have not yet bought park tickets. Originally held off because wasn’t sure if we’d be going. Now I’m not sure what that ticket will be worth. Shanghai Disney required a dated one day reservation to get into the park yesterday. I know WDW is much bigger with multiple parks, but what will they do about hopping? Will there only be one park open on a given day and it’s reservation only? Any thoughts on restrictions to get into the parks when they reopen?

Nobody knows and nobody will know until Disney speaks.

For that reason I would hold on to your reservation until it will cost you to keep it. Reservations are able to be cancelled without penalty under normal conditions up to 30 days for packages and up to 5 days ahead for room only. Those windows have been modified in favor of the guest right now.

No point in cancelling until it is 100% clear the trip won’t work for you.


Thanks. That’s my thought too. I guess I’m just getting a little anxious about how it will all work. I don’t even need a reopening date so much as a plan for how they will operate when they open up again. We do just have to wait and see…

We’ve been holding out as long as possible with our tickets from UT, but just made the decision this weekend to go ahead and cancel. My parents are in their 70s and even though my dad is in great health, my mom has T2 diabetes (so do I), so between travel to/from. staying there, and going to multiple parks (DW and UO), eating out, etc., we just can’t take the risk.

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No one knows. I have 5 non-refundable 6 day park hopper tickets to use. I had to move my trip from May to October. If we have to wear masks, too many things are closed and/or I can’t use my hoppers, I’m cancelling. When the website opens reservations for 2021, I’ll book a back up reservation. We will wait as long as we can before cancelling October, just like we did with our May trip. You never know if there will be discounts for cancelled trips or if they will extend the ticket dates again.

I have a similar question! I’m debating debating buying conference park tickets, which would be good until December 2021 (even if the conference cancels, which is like 90% probability at this point). Normally I wouldn’t hesitate because it’s such a good deal for undated tickets…but what will the parks do with undated tickets once they open? Limit visitors at the gate? Will we have to line up outside the park at 6am each day?

Yes! These are my questions too! The not knowing is the most frustrating part for me right now.

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I’m sorry you had to cancel. Really a tough decision. My trip is to celebrate my dd graduating college and her 21st birthday as well as my 2 boys turning 16 this summer. Big trip so makes rescheduling hard.

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So I just booked an August trip for myself and two daughters age 20 and 17. (Three nights at Pop Century with two days park hopping to hit the highlights we can’t get in California at all four parks.) I think there’s probably about a 30% chance we’ll actually go. But we have until July 17 to cancel and it’s a fun exercise in planning in the meantime.

We are experienced Disneyland veterans but have only been to DW once in 2012. I booked the trip now because I think it’s unlikely Disneyland will reopen this summer and I need some magic to look forward to! There are many things that will need to fall into place in order for us to go (not in any particular order): 1) Florida’s situation with COVID-19 needs to be relatively stable and under control. 2) Washington needs to be in Phase 3 which allows for non-essential travel. 3) Disney World will need to be open and allowing park hopping. 4) We fly non-revenue on an airline to be named later so we need to be relatively confident we can get to Orlando flying stand-by.

In short, I would keep your plans until you are at the point where you will lose money if you don’t cancel. By then you’ll probably know one way or the other if you should go or not. Here’s hoping all of our vacation dreams can come true!

Also thinking of going this summer because I also just realized that we won’t be able to go in March if we have to self quarantine for 2 weeks when we get back! Every day there is another layer.

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I should have listed that as a 5th consideration. Will my employer require me to quarantine if I fly to Florida in August? That could be a deal breaker. Although, I have tons of vacation to use and no where to go with it!

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Yes to all this criteria. I’m definitely holding on as long as I can. We are park hoppers for sure too, so that is definitely something that needs to be allowed.

One more thing has come to me…since I don’t have tickets I can’t reserve FPPs. My FP reservation date is coming up on June 19. I’ve been holding off buying tickets because of the Covid situation, but if I don’t have tickets I can’t book FP’s, but will there be a totally different queue and ride system in August? Will it be horrible if I don’t book FPs? Just throwing stuff out there because I’m thinking about it a lot. :wink:

Based on the Shanghai opening, you’ll likely need to reserve a date ahead. Undated tickets there are not able to be used just yet, apparently. Just specific dates ones and AP passholders so far, I think. Details below.

I’d expect that chances are slim to none they’d do a first-come, first-serve entry that would generate a crowd of undetermined size. They know they need to control the situation.

Well, if you want to roll the dice a bit, you can buy refundable tickets from UT. You get 90 days from the date of purchase to request a refund. In the meantime, you can connect them to your MDE app and reserve FPs. Just know that UT charges a 5% restocking fee if you request a refund.

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