Is Arusha view at Jambo House no longer available 2016?

I booked a savanna view room in Jambo House for Feb 2016- it looks as if they’re no longer offering Arusha view as a separate room type for then, and a CM said she thought that also. Can anyone confirm that? If Arusha view and savanna view are now the same room type, any recs for room requests? When I search on the room finder tool, they’re still 2 different room types so I’m not sure what to do. TIA.

I’d request 3rd or 4th floor (more immersive,) and close to elevator because I love the Arusha Rock and water feature view.

@len replied to a similar query recently. Both room views are being merged into 1 category in the new year. Tp will be updating the tp fax info/ room finder when it happens.I believe

Anyone know when the room finder will be updated to reflect that Arusha and Savanna view rooms have been merged at AKL? I need to send my fax in a couple of weeks and have no idea how to pick a room.