Is AoA worth extra $ over AS?

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So, it looks like an A0A LM room is 34 more a night than an All Star room. Having not stayed in either, is it worth the extra ? We will be 6 adults and 1 two year old, staying for 3 or 4 nights. We will spend some time at the pool if it is warm enough (we’re going the first week in March.) Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

I forgot to mention, we will only be visiting MK on this trip.

I think all the AS resorts are showing their age these days. To me, AoA is worth the difference in price.

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With six adults you’ll have to have two rooms so is that $34 a night per room? With AoA and POP you’ll be paying more for newer resorts and updated theming, so it’s really a personal choice. They are still value but really depends on how much time you’ll be in the room and how big of a bite the difference makes in your budget.

Personally given the choice I’d upgrade to either POP or AoA.

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Actually, we going to do 3 rooms, but yes, it is $34 per night per room.

I’ve stayed at POP before and loved it, but I really want to experience something new this time.

Since you’re only doing MK which has the best availability of FPP’s, and the fact that three rooms is going to be over $300 a night regardless of which one you pick, I would actually recommend you rent a house.

You can rent a four or five bedroom house a couple of miles from the parks for about $100 a night, which would cover your whole party, and lots of them have private pools and/or hot tubs. You would be looking at a pretty significant savings even taking parking fee’s and the cost of car rental into account.

You can try or to get an idea of what is available.

Otherwise it would just come down to whether my budget would allow the upgrade. If it would I would take it.

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We love AoA! LM rooms are great and still newish :slight_smile: your two year old will flip out with the theme, the resort is amazing at that! When my ds was two, we couldn’t get him out of the nemo splash area, he loved it! We have done pop and thought AoA was a huge upgrade :slight_smile:

I haven’t been to AS but my opinion is it’s totally worth it. AOA is amazing - particularly for the two year old.

We like Pop over AS because the buses only stop at 1 resort rather all the All Stars. If a resort discount is offered at the time you are traveling, It seems Pop has better deals than AoA.

We just stayed at Aoa in the lmm room. am very, very disappointed and glad that we only paid about 100 for the night. the lm section has the same construction as pop. the rooms and all the public areas are also the same construction. the lmm rooms are a long hike from the food court. i wasnt wearing a pedometer but it seemed further than any time ive stayed at any of the all stars. the pools photographed well but had no slides. the plastic and fiberglass models were well worth seeing and photographing. the rooms were new and fresh. the food court had some interesting choices but dgs7 was very upset that mickey waffles were nowhere in sight. we will probably cross that one off our list for good.

With the pools and food court, I think it is WAY worth the price difference.