Is anyone live tweeting SWGE?

I barely ever use Twitter and pay it no attention. But I’m majorly curious how things will play out today! Do you know of a good account to follow for live updates?

I don’t use Twitter but I’m following along on TP chat.


We are through the tapstyles now, they opened the parking lot about 15 min ago. @dunegirl and I Met @len and Brian in line


I just followed you.

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I’ll post updates on instagram. We are still being held at tap styles

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Me too!

Have all the fun!

Cool, thanks! I didn’t even think of IG. I am clearly stuck in 2007.

What’s an Instagram? I want one! And Twitter? That’s fun to say…Twitter. Twitter.

Where’s the blog?

Got evacuated from the line. No ETA was given for when it will be back up. We were given a recovery pass to come back when it opens without having to join a boarding group. Gosh, maybe they shouldn’t have run the ride for 8 hours yesterday for the media and paid bloggers. Not that I’m bitter.
But we are on slinky dog and did ToT walk on so that’s a plus


And the other positive in an otherwise disappointing morning is that I got to hang out with @dunegirl!!


Same, @DisneyDayDreamin! Hopefully they can get the ride back up soon!


We rode and it was amazing!!


Your video clip on instagram gave me chills! I’m not sure when we’re going to go to DL or back to WDW, but I’m suddenly feeling the pull.

Jaw dropping is not an over exaggeration. It was awesome!


Would this be scary for young kids who dot like thrill rides? What about motion sickness?

Thanks for the pictures and videos for those of us not there today. April cannot come fast enough.

I think if your child scares easily, it could be. Don’t want to give any spoilers but there are some intimidating moments. I’m not prone to motion sickness but it is no worse than Star Tours, but you do go backwards and change directions alot

Star Tours wrecked my DH and he said that if it were a minute longer he would have puked. He had a headache the rest of the day.

This doesn’t have the pitching like star tours does. If that makes a difference. I’m about to ride again so I’ll pay attention to that more. The first ride I was pretty overwhelmed trying to take it all in!

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I thought all the boarding groups were full for the whole day! Did they open up more spots?