Is anyone getting the new luggage tags?

If you’ve gotten the new tags, were they based off your band color, as expected? If not, I might change my band colors. I chose my band based on luggage tags.


Yes, ours were the same color as our magicbands. As a result, my husband got the red Minnie luggage tag :smile:

We got ours Friday! :blush:
6 total and they were all based on the color of the magic band.
1 red MB= Minnie luggage tag
1 grey MB= Minnie kissing Mickey luggage tag
1 yellow MB= Mickey luggage tag
1 orange MB= Pluto luggage tag
2 pink MB= 2 Daisy luggage tags

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We got ours too. I had no idea they would color coded, but the tags are super cute and kind of retro looking. Ours were tucked under the magicband box.

I think I can take a picture tonight (if I remember) if you want to see them.

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