Is an evening at MK worth it? Help me convince my DH!

We are normally RD people and we our TP and go back and swim and chill out for the rest of the day and avoid the heavy crowds. We usually do not go back because if my kids (4 of them from 3-14) aren’t in bed by 8, we won’t make RD the next day. So we are going next week and our day off will be Thanksgiving (only a later CM brunch scheduled). Is it worth it to go Wed am, leave and come back for the evening. My DH isn’t a crowd person and this will be day 4 of our trip (2nd day at MK) but I do have A&E FPP for my 3 year old at 6:30. I’m willing to RD A&E on Wed if we decide not to go in the evening (or buy her a really nice doll if I can make that work too).

I’m looking at the schedule and it looks like everything is much later (after 9) and I don’t want to stay and deal with melt downs. What to do and is the evening at MK worth it?

Would you be willing to split up? Maybe one parent hang back at the resort with the littler ones after A&E and the other parent stay out with the older kids out for a special, later night?

We stay off property and have only 1 car. Its an idea but I still have the AE FPP at 6:30 and I’m still not sure what to actually do in the evening.

You could opt for the lesser “favorites” and do some more showy type activities.

Country bears, Tiki room, laugh floor, people mover, shopping. And just keep checking the wait times on TP. If something opens up with a short wait, you can head on over. Or use the time to get some more memory maker pics (if you have it).

MK at night is rather beautiful. A great time to get some lovely park pics too.

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If you’ve never seen the electrical parade or wishes I would say it’s definitely worth it. Maybe leave a little earlier than usual for the day break to get lots of rest and naps in then go back from 6-11pm? As @DarthDopey said you could lots of the less crowded show type attractions so you aren’t standing in line all night and then stake out a spot about a half hour or 45 minutes before electrical parade then send someone for a snack between that and wishes starting.


I second MSEP. find a spot in Frontierland. There are planters near Pecos bills that provide a nice sitting spot.

It’s not so mobbed in Frontierland if your crew is not so fond of crowds.

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I agree - Magic Kingdom at night is truly magical. We are non-rope drop people because we prefer all of the parks at night. So beautiful. And WISHES is an absolute must do - I still cry every time. ok, I tear up - it’s emotional.

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Thanks for the advice! We decided to go there in the evening and not do RD. I managed to change all my FPP to the evening. My DH is excited to do something different.


MK in the evening is a must! Most especially for the shows and generally taking in the atmosphere. Plus, several attractions have a totally different ‘feel’ at night. And, if you recharge in the afternoon back at the resort, you could potentially enjoy lower waits in the last hour or two of the day. I like to RD for the advantage of low waits on attractions I couldn’t FPP, use FPP in the late morning/early afternoon when the waits are highest, have a long break back at the resort for a recharge, and return to a park (not usually the am park) for shows, additional FPP, and lower waits towards the end of the day

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Split up!! Have some nice one on one time with the little one! :slight_smile: