Is Agent P fun for grownups without kids?

No kids here. Is Agent P worth trying? How about A Pirate’s Adventure?

I’d say the target age for Agent P is roughly 8-12. I see adults playing every time we’re there. It’s got some entertainment value, especially if you are a P&F fan, which many adults are.
The missions can be completed in 10-15 minutes by adults without kids.
You will be directed to spots in the World Showcase that you might otherwise never see. That’s a cool aspect of it. So, give it a go.

The Pirate’s Adventure is geared a bit more to the adult. But, overall it’s a more disjointed experience.

Any interest in Sorcerer’s? We enjoy that best of the 3 options.


Sorcerer’s was a lot of fun!! So was Agent P. Best thing is - if you get bored or want to quit - you just quit

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Thanks for your input! I am curious about Sorcerers, being kind of a gamer, but I thought it might be too time-consuming. The delay of the nighttime AK stuff means that I’ll be in MK an extra night, though, so I might have time to give it a go. Any recommendations on which land to do (I think that’s how it works, right?)?

I did rule out Wilderness Explorers, though, partly because of the description in the UG (no mimicking animals to CMs,no sir, lol), but also because I won’t be spending much time in AK.

Thanks! I will definitely give Agent P a try, then.

When you sign up they tell you where to go (in a nice way - HA). You can ask though. Our kids were playing and they had us going different places - we asked if they could be in the same “land” and they accomodated it. There is no skill involved to be honest - but it is fun and I have to say it is very well done.

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You will like Sorcerers. Get cards every day you are in MK. You only have to play one portal to get more cards the next day. You don’t have to win you just have to open it. If there’s a long line for cards they don’t even check they just hand you cards. The game is on your magic band, if you switch they have to update their system. It’s stupid, I know. Be aware the second kiosk in Libetry Plaza is temporarily closed due to staffing cuts. CM did not know when it will reopen, she assumed in summer. I missed two days of cards because I kept forgetting to hit the fire station for cards. You can buy a take home version of the game that comes with at least one guaranteed super rare card. It’s $13.95 and in the Emprioum on main street in the family apparel section on one little end cap of SotMK merchandise.

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