Is adding dining plan an option for an AP holder with room-only ressie?


I have room-only reservation... family of 4, but I bought an AP for cost savings on this one-time trip (we are off-site for first part of our trip) My other 3 family members have tix from UT which I linked in MDE... do we have any options for adding Quick Service or Std Dining Plan for the few days we are on-site???
Have seen some things that it needs to be a Disney pkg... but have seen other info about AP holders being able to add some form of dining... just don't know if I can do that for all 4 of us. TIA!!! Can't find any clear info on this and don't really feel like spending time on hold! :slight_smile:


Yes it's called a ticketless package. Crunch the numbers carefully. Dining plan does not normally save me any money and I dislike the rigidity.


You should also be aware that when you add dining the rules change from a room only reservation to a package. If you already have a reservation they will cancel and rebook (more than 30 days out- refund the room deposit and charge $200 package deposit).