Is 9am fastpass hard/good to get?

Excluding Flight of Passage, do most people in the know, try to get the 9am fastpasses? Or should you typically wait till around 9:30 or 10am?

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For a 9am opening with no EMH, my personal preference is 9:15am FPP. The reason being is that you want to go through your 3 FPP rides as soon as possible to be able to get to a meaningful 4th FPP (and 5th, 6th, etc…).

At the same time you DON’T want to head straight to your 1st FPP right at RD but take advantage of the “golden hour” as much as you can and then head over to your 1st FPP at around 10:10am before your window closes.


There are many variables.

My experience indicates that the park is pretty quite for the first hour. I’m planning on several 9:00-10:00 FFPs that I will use shortly after 9:00… not at 9sharp.

No matter if you start at 9am sharp, or start your FPP for 9:30 or 10:00, MODIFY, MODIFY, MODIFY! After you swipe for your FPP, try to bump up your next FPP to a sooner time, repeat at nauseum all day.


Modify, yes, but don’t give up a FPP that is in high demand or you might not be able to get it again.

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yes, modifying the time only in this situation.

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How does this work with a TP? Do you just keep modifying/reoptimizing it all day? Or do you not use a TP?

I set up a TP, and use it as a general guide. I don’t like optimizing my plan during the day in the park. I print it out and either mark things off with a pen, or mentally make note of what we’ve already done. Next time, I’m going to laminate my plan so marking with a pen won’t work (i don’t think…)

I almost always start at 9:00am for FP but I don’t typically scan my first FP until close to the window expiration 9:55-10:15). That allows me to get a few rides in during the Golden 9-10am hour. i scan my 2nd FP right away and move up my third if I can.


You could use a grease pen or a dry erase marker also crayons will work.

Marvelous idea!! Dry erase would rub off in my pocket, I think…?

Maybe it warrants 2 copies - 1 paper and 1 laminated. They’d be condensed to 3x5 card size anyway so it’s not a space issue.

Sorry, I’m board line hi-jacking @zepking post. Back to the matter at hand.

FPP! I love FFP!!! My last day modifying I ended up with 9 or 10 FFPs from RD until dinner time. Many success stories of modifying :-):smile:

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I used 5x7 cards and cut out the tp map and pasted it on the back.


I have done it both ways, it is dependent on what time I can get whatever the most popular ride is - that is almost always my starting point.
I usually will make a TP & see what it recommends. If it is giving me recommendations later in the day, I check to see if these rides typically have same day FPP,
Then I play around with my TP, putting in early FPP and later ones, to see how the rest of my day plays out if I do book them early.
For my upcoming trip, I have a day that the earliest I could get 7DMT was 12:30, so I booked my other 1s at 10:10 & 11:15, with a 9AM opening.
Another day it is EMH & I have my FPPs at 9, 10:05 & 11:15, planning on going close to the end of my window for the 9 & right at the beginning of the window for the 10.
All of that being said - lol
The answer to your question about how hard they are to get, I do find that the ‘hot’ rides are much more difficult to get that early.


That. I always try to book the hardest FPP to get at the earliest time possible and then pick the other ones around it. It’s a great way to build the day.

Some rides might be down in the first hour of the morning, so your FPP becomes an anytime FPP, which is great.

I personnally don’t book FPP during the first hour, because it is premium touring time, but also, it is vacation. If we are running late, miss the bus or we could not stand it and slept-in, at least we are not missing our timeslot for FPP.


I schedule the most sought after FP as early as possible. It is easier to try and modify the other FP rides to earlier times than the sought after ones. Not really possible at the start of the trip. Ideally 3 FP in the 1st 3 hours. I enter them on my TP with the new FP bookings. I then usually have to modify the FP times for what works best in terms of reduced walking, shows, etc.

Wise or not I do have a FP for 9:05 FOP. 60+5

I schedule our Fastpasses for 9am, 10am and 11am, or as close as I can get. We use the first set just after 10am, the second one just after 11am and the third one straight after the second. We then have lunch, and I grab the next set of Fastpasses while we eat.

For our September trip, I’ve managed to modify pretty much all our Fastpasses to the exact time I wanted - only two are later than 9am (out of 10 morning starts). Funnily enough, one of the ones which I couldn’t get for exactly 9am was Tomorrowland Speedway, which is stubbornly stuck at 9:05am despite me refreshing for a few minutes every day. :joy: Slinky Dog is also scheduled for 9:30am, but I’m leaving that as it is since the chances of three 9am ones popping up are pretty slim.

I create phone wallpapers with each day’s touring plans and any other info, and set the one for the current day as lock screen every morning. That way I just have to glance at my phone to see where we are in the plan, and what we should be aiming for next.