Is 8:30am too early for a FPP?

I have 7DMT booked at 9:35am. I wasn’t able to get PPF until 11:00, but an 8:35 slot just opened. Would it be better to do the 8:35 time and then just check in at like 9:45am? Or is that a waste of a FPP because crowds will be so low? CL is 2 that day.

Anytime you can get a 7DMT FPP that fits your schedule - jump on it.

You can always RD it and use the FPP for a second ride.


I say the earlier the better, so you can get more after your 3rd. And yes I would use it at the end of the FP time, and then always move the others up if you can.

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I got a notification about 35 mins ago from FP4me and modified my 9/27 and 9/30 7DMT to 8:10 and 8:00 am. I am beyond excited!


Thank you for posting this! I was able to modify a FPP to an 8:55am SDMT on my 60+1 day! :smiley:

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Yay! I got an 8:10 for my 60+1 day! So excited!! This has literally made my day. Who would have thought this would make my day or really it has made my week!


Thanks! I was able to modify it and grab another FPP for 7DMT at 8:50am on our last park day! I’m so excited because I got FOP, SDD and 7DMT!

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Is it normal for Disney to add Fast Passes like this 1-2 months out?

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Maybe other people are dropping theirs as they figure out their plans?


I wonder if they just forgot to load them for that hour. At this time of year it isn’t normal to have daily EMH and early openings.

Or they wanted to give those staying offsite a chance to get them too. Although not for October! Which is why I think they just weren’t loaded.

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When the 60 day window opened for September, people reported there weren’t FPs for the 8-9am slot. The FPs have just been loaded, for whatever reason.

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This. Always this.

Especially on a CL2 day where there will be lots of availability!


8am-9am FOP FPP have been added for September and are available starting 9/8 through the month!

Thanks! I wasn’t aware of that. We didn’t book until 45 days or so. I still managed to get SDD, 7DMT and FOP though, but not at optimal times, so this is awesome!