Is 8:25 a.m. PPO at Garden Grill too late? Should I cancel my ADR?

We have a PPO at Garden Grill for 8:25 a.m. The plan is to go on Soarin’ as soon as breakfast is over since I don’t have a FP+ for that attraction. Is there any likelihood that my party of 5 will be seated at 8:00 a.m. when I plan to arrive or would it be best to cancel to avoid getting charged?
Thanks in advance!

I’m fairly certain GG seats PPO in order of arrival. So guests arriving at 7:45 are seated at 8 without regard to their actual ADR time. So, as long as your time is PPO you should be able to be seated early. We have done PPO breakfast here and it was really good! The character interaction was some of the best.

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That is great news! We were really looking forward to it!

I have had many ADR’s for the GG between 8:25-8:35 and been seated by 8:05. Just be sure to get there early so you are towards the front of the line waiting to get in for PPO ADRs. I usually get there around 7:15

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Good to know! Will do.

We had an 8:25 in January and we were among the first on Soarin’ with maybe a 5 min wait. Rode a second time with abut 15 min wait.
We arrived early and were seated about 8:15. We asked for the check as soon as the waiter took our drink orders. We are normally quick eaters but it wasn’t like we wolfed it down either. We saw all characters once but didn’t get autographs, just a quick picture.

Good info! What time did you arrive?

not 100% sure, I want to say we got to bagcheck at around 7:30-7:40.

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Last trip I had 8:20 reservations. Tried to get there by 8am, but it was a busy day. Didn’t clear the main security gate until 8:20. Still didn’t feel rushed to eat. We got out butts in the booth by 8:30 and the food was there before you could spell POG. GG is family style, so you skip out on the whole “order drinks, wait, food order, wait” steps that take up time at most TS restaurants. We were at Soarin by 9:00 sharp and still beat the rope drop people.

Bathrooms seemed far away though. Maybe it was the escalator. Maybe it was because rotating floor can start you off in the wrong direction and then move your family somewhere else before you get back. If you got young ones, take them in a batch before sitting down instead of waiting for them to ask one at a time. I think I spent 10 minutes of my 25 minute meal time running serial (cereal? =) potty breaks and missed some characters. DW got them all, which was more important to her anyway.


These are good tips. I appreciate them!