IOA Plan - Can You Take a Peek?

I haven’t finished adding in everything just yet but does this seem right? The wait times look really, really low for NOT having any Express Pass (especially for HP and Kong).

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi Kong will be longer , as its a new ride there isn’t much data but think 45 is about average however lots of delays on it this week. FJ will be a bit longer as well. You will not want to do Dudley at that time. You get soaked Dudley needs done before break or at park close. Or allow time to get changed. Jurassic park is another wet ride but not as wet as Dudley. As most liners use exp pass or single rider the tp times are not always that accurate.
I would use uni own app to watch wait times before you go to get a realistic idea
Also spiderman queue is amazing and will take you about 10 mins to walk through and take photos etc even with no one on front of you Dragon wait is too short also allow at least 20 mins

Thank you! Relying on those short waits as posted would have really screwed up our TP.

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Those predicted times might not be that far off, considering it’s off-peak season. Today at 11:35 FJ is showing a posted wait time of 15 minutes. Kong is showing 45, but that’s 2.5 hours after the park opens. Since you’re hitting it in the first hour of park operation, it’ll be different, especially if you move Dudley out of that second spot and bump Kong up. I didn’t see what Kong was showing around 9:30 today though.

Looks like a great plan to me. One suggestion I have regarding the water rides (JPRA, DDRF, PBBB) is do them all in one fell swoop. Pack a backpack with flip-flops and a change of clothes for everyone, down to the underwear (trust me on that). Before going on the water rides, change into the flip-flops. Once you’re done with all 3 rides, find a restroom and change into your dry clothes. DDRF is notorious for getting you soaked, and while it’s fun, walking around in wet clothes for hours (and wet socks and shoes for the rest of the day) can really suck. You may want to revamp the plan and add in a 10-15 minute “break” to allow for a change of clothes.

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