IOA New Harry Potter Roller Coaster

We are going to IOA on June 14th but will not be there until later in the day, like noon or so.

Does everyone think that crows will be crazy due to the new roller coaster opening on June 13?

Also, does anyone have a touring plan that takes the new roller coaster into consideration?


I think it may be a bit busier than it would have been otherwise. I don’t think huge amounts of people will make a special trip just for one ride, but that ride will have long waits and I expect all of Hogsmeade will be even more packed than usual.

I just looked at the IOA Touring Plans and though they don’t include the ride yet, if you copy them and edit the date to after it opens you can add it in.

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I agree with @missoverexcited, I wouldn’t expect the general crowds to be that much more than usual for that the of year, but I expect that lines for Hagrid’s coaster will be long and the number of people in the Wizarding World will be more than usual.

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I’m curious if the Crowd Calendar is up to date for that week. It says a lot of 5 / 6 CL days around the new ride opening date - even a 3 CL on Father’s Day. I just got back and I have a couple extra days still on my tickets that expire on June 30, 2019. (We got a buy 2 days get 3 free package and went to Magic Kingdom one day and decided not to cram in a morning trip before going to the airport as crowds were so low we did everything at both parks - some repeatedly)

It would be fun to turn around and do a no frills trip just to see the new ride.

Yes the crowd calendar will be up to date but it won’t be taking waits for the new ride into account because there is no data on how long those waits will be.


I think it will be insanity, to be honest.

I agree, I can’t see this being anything but insanity. Your going to be looking at severe lines for this ride.

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I saw this article today, with what I think might be somewhat new info?

It mentions “with a 50 mph top speed, a 16-foot free fall drop, a backward drop, and a record seven launches” … this one might be too much for me. I’m not a fan of The Mummy ride, and this sounds more intense. Thoughts?


It does sound fairly intense.

To me, the ride doesn’t look all that intense, although it does look fun and original.

BUT, if you are using The Mummy as your upper limit of “intenseness”, then I guess I would rank this as more intense, yes.

Yes, I’m kind of a wuss when it comes to roller coasters. I wish I liked them, because this new Harry Potter coaster sounds really amazing and different! So we will see… My mom is actually going on a trip with a friend this December, so maybe she can give me a better idea once she has ridden it.

It is supposed to be a fast coaster with drop, twists & spirals. However, I haven’t seen or heard of any inversions, if that helps. If you don’t like Mummy, this is going to be faster and more intense, you probably want to avoid HMCMA too.

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