IOA Early Entry Hagrid's vs Plan Software

In my research it seems Hagrid is not operating with Virtual Line lately, but does open at 8am with early entry (at least TP is showing line waits between 8-9am for similar days as predicted for us).

Can anyone confirm this? If I’m reading the data correctly then it’s best to rope drop Hagrid and proceed to FJ which is opposite what the TP shows when I build it (TP says it doesn’t open til 9 and so I can’t build an “accurate” plan since it tells me a 90 min wait starting at 9).

Again, if this has been the case all winter why hasn’t TP updated their software? And if I’m mistaken what am I reading wrong with the 8-9am wait times showing? (Random Sundays with 5/6 crowds).

Hagrid’s has not been using a virtual line. It is also NOT open during EE. They removed it from EE a while back (beginning of January?).

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OK thanks for the update. I must be finding times from 2021.

Given this bit of hassle, is it best to cue up immediately following FJ and Hippogriff even if this is before 9am? Will they let EE guests do this? Or is our time better spent enjoying Hogsmeade before crowds?

Otherwise we could cue for HE and park hop to USF for Gringotts?

It has not been the best to visit Hagrids early. You are better off waiting until the morning rush departs. Here is an example from a recent CL5 day. The black dots are the posted wait times.

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So this is one I had found. Doesn’t it look like this was open 8-9am?
This will be difficult but I will plan to forgo getting in line and instead use our morning for exploring the details. Perhaps trying around 10:30 for the line before lunch.

No. You would see the dots right at 8:00, like this from December.

Not sure why 70 minutes was posted before 9:00.

Good plan.

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It seems odd they swapped Hagrid’s for VC at early entry. Hopefully they put it back. VC seems able to handle the crowds better, so the need to EE it isn’t bas necessary.

But, I know someone has said that Hagrid’s has more issues when the temperature is cooler, so they swapped it with VC during the winter months. Seems like a design flaw. Maybe they need to install some kind of preheater to address such issues, if true.