"Inviting" friends and family to MDE

Hi everyone -

Currently, I am the one who is making all the plans, FPP, reservations etc. for our upcoming trip. I haven’t “invited” my husband to link up as he doesn’t care to really be involved in all of that. I currently manage his reservations along with our three kids’. When we get to the parks though, does he have to be invited and set up with MDE himself to be able to say, change a FPP reservation at a kiosk if he and one of the kids are off doing their own thing? Or can he just do that with his magic band the way it is?

Good question, that never even occurred to me (that DH might need to change or add stuff). Following along for answers.

Hmmmm…looks like we may still just be wondering on this one…there’s got to be someone out there who knows?