Invalid Fastpass time

I have a FastPass+ for the Seven Dwarves Mine Train for 9:45am. The plan says it’s using the FastPass+, but it says to arrive at the ride at 10:56am. If the FastPass+ starts at 9:45, won’t it be expired at 10:56? Even if I re-optimize, it keeps that start time. This is the only FastPass+ that I’m having this issue with.

You have a grace period after your reservation, which I believe is 15 minutes. Therefore you are still within your FPP window.

Of course, that grace period is completely up to the CM, so I would try to make it in the window.

Everything I have read indicates that the grace period is built into the system - no CM involvement at all. I think @Mr_Itty tested this.

The 15 minute grace period did not work at random, high crowd times. CMs refused entrance to some liners. Although I have always entered 5 minutes early, others have also reported being told they had to wait until exact time. To play it safe I would always plan on being in the window.

I did some searching and could find no official Disney policy about grace periods, but there were lots of reports of “green Mickeys” up to 5 minutes before and 15 minutes after the official FPP time. I believe this is what is built in to the TP software - @len, do you have any official Disney policy release to confirm this?

All this being said, I wouldn’t put it past WDW to alter the programming to suit their needs on a given day…

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Even with the grace period, I think planning on arriving 9 minutes after your time is over is kind of pushing it and you’re risking losing your Fastpass altogether. That means you only have 6 minutes left. I’m going to either ignore the plan for that time, or move some things around and Evaluate instead of optimizing. It has us doing Country Bear Jamboree at 10:28 immediately before, and I know we can pretty much do that any time of day.

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I believe accepting FPs up to 15 minutes late is part of the CM training. It is exceptionally rare for us to hear about a guest not having their FP+ accepted within that window. And I don’t think the window changes, because they’d have to re-train the staff.