Introduction from Memphis

HI! I started posting here without any introduction! We are planning 7th WDW trip (Visited DL 2 summers ago). We have a rental house about 10 minutes away. We are traveling over Memorial Day weekend and have 7 park days planned.

Driving down with youngest DD (her graduation trip) and her Best Friend.

Our oldest daughter (23) is flying and middle daughter (20) and her boyfriend will drive down.

We just decided today to add another night to our trip…so, me, DH, DD and her friend will go down one day early. The can do their thing and DH and I will spend the day together! We have always imagined having an adult trip and we are excited to go have a date-day.



Welcome. Look forward to hearing about your trip planning.

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So glad to have you here, welcome!

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I think we must be in a parallel universe! We’re driving down for Memorial Day weekend for 7 days with our DS26 & DD24 after her graduation from college, and DS20 will fly down and meet us there. :grinning: Also looking forward to an adult trip. We won’t have any of our kids’ friends in tow, though, but that sounds like a lot of fun, the more the merrier!

I’ll be interested to hear all about your plans, there are a few of us here taking older “kids” but of course most are younger families. But I think Disney is great for all ages, it’s one of few places we all could agree on for a vacation.

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Sounds fun!

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HA! Where are you staying? We have a house ( near funie street road…think its about a 10 minute drive.

Our last trip was in 2015 so the new FPP rules are making me crazy!

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That’s a beautiful house! You all will have a great time there, I’m sure. We’re staying one night in Disney Springs then moving to the Boardwalk Inn once DS20 arrives. I feel badly that he can’t get there quite when we do so we’re not going to go to any parks until he arrives… maybe! :grin:

We’re from Montana, so we just don’t get down there much, but two of my kids go to college on the east coast so we thought it would be an easy thing to bop down to WDW after school lets out-hah! I seriously underestimated what a trip to WDW involves these days- yikes, the FPs, yes! And ADRs are almost mandatory, there are new paid events- so much has changed since we were last there.

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We just added a night and my oldest DD won’t be there…but we are certainty going to a park without her!!:smile: