International Visitor Logistics: grocery delivery, airport transportation

Hi everyone!

As we are coming up on our trip shortly, I keep running up against the same problem. When I try to order groceries or arrange airport transportation, I can’t confirm anything becausemy credit card billing address and contact phone number are international ( we live in Europe).

Has anyone had any luck getting logistics arranged and pre-paid with an international address? I am just about pulling my hair out…

Paging @missoverexcited - she might be able to provide insight here :slight_smile:

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I feel your pain. On our last trip I couldn’t order from Instacart without a US phone number. Even their help desk was stumped, they kept saying it should let me just use an email address but couldn’t get it to work.

Previously I ordered from Garden Grocer without a problem though.

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I ordered from Garden Grocer with no issues last July. On our previous trip I ordered from Amazon Prime - I signed up for a free month’s trial on the US site.


Have you tried walmart+ yet?

I couldn’t get Walmart to work.