International Gateway

Once off the gondolas at Epcot can you get to the monorail without entering Epcot?

No. The gondolas are at the International Gateway entrance. The monorail is at the front of the park, you would need to enter Epcot to get to it.

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Thanks so much

And to add to the above reply to your original post, it is a long walk through Epcot from the International Gateway to the front entrance.

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Epcot is the biggest park, and walking from the IG to the entrance will definitely demonstrate that.

AK is bigger than Epcot. 403 acres vs 300 acres!


Acreage-wise you are correct, but it doesn’t really change my advice. I would guess the walking distance at EPCOT is bigger. Lots of AK is not walkable, e.g. KS. It’d be interesting to see the biggest point distance at all the parks, actually.

There are definitely some days I think DHS could be in the running, it’s a loooong was back to TSL. Or at least my feet think so!


Out of curiosity, I just googled walking distances for Epcot (IG to the monorail) and AK (Kilimanjaro Safaris to Buses) and the distance in Epcot is longer (0.7 miles vs 0.5 miles).

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IG isn’t even the furthest attraction. I wonder what it is to the American Experience to the entrance.

The AK area includes the animal habitats and other non-guest areas, so it’s not really apples and oranges.


0.8 miles to the American Pavilion. It’s not that much further.

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Right! It’s unadelta seed pods. :wink:

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please ignore the fact that I totally botched this metaphor. :joy:

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I did, but you had to go and hang a lantern on it. A glowing unadelta seed lantern, I guess. :joy:

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This brings up another question - if you absolutely had to get from the IG / Beach Club area to the front of Epcot without entering the park, could you do it on foot? Is there any sort of walking path along World Center Drive or Epcot Center Drive where you could do this? I am pretty sure the answer is no, but thought I’d ask.

This is a famously misleading statistic.


I’ve heard people say no before, but never tried myself. If you look at a satellite map it looks pretty much impossible.

There is no way to walk, you’d have to go roadside or through closed areas.

As for distances, I checked these out of curiousity on our last trip and looked up my scribblings. As you can see these are not perfectly comparable, but it gives a pretty good idea.

Sorry, they are in kilometers :grin:

Epcot 1.3km (monorail to America)
AK 0.9km (curbside to Kilimanjaro)
MK 0.75km (Monorail or bus stop to Pete’s Silly Sideshow)
HS 0.9km (skyliner or boat dock to Millenium Falcon)


I guess the park size would include the safari savanna and the area between Harambe and Rafiki’s Planet Watch, neither of which are walkable.

However at Epcot there is quite a lot of space from the main path around WS to the back of each pavilion. Many people rarely venture off the main circulatory path. Then there is the backstage areas behind that and between the countries which are inaccessible to most guests.

That said, if you were to walk all around AK on the main path, how would that measure against walking around Epcot from the main gate to WS, around the main path and back to the main gate?

I made this using google earth:

I didn’t circle back from River journey since I thought that was too much backtracking but for the record it adds 1684 ft, which is still well under the Epcot total.