International Gateway to Frozen Ever After at Rope Drop? Who has done it?

I was unable to get a fastpass for FEA and so I’m going to have to go standby… as we are staying at the Boardwalk, I plan on being at the international gate muy early one day for rope drop and high-tail it right over to FEA.

I’m certain someone on here has done that, right? Tell me your experience!

We were allowed in at 8:45 through IG back when the original A&E meet & greet was in Norway.
There’s no guarantee that you’ll get in before 9, but as soon as you have the green light, walk with intent to Norway.
It’s about 1/2 mile from IG to Norway. If you walk very briskly (there will be no one else there until you converge with the FW entrance to WS), you should be able to make it there in about 5 minutes.
This is going to be your best shot at a shortish line without a fast pass.

Good luck!

Cool! Thanks!!

Which way do you think it shorter? Turning left through England & Canada or going right through France? I feel like going left will be shorter, but those maps don’t appear to be to scale so it could be decieving… I need WAZE for Disney World! :smile:

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You’ll only be able to go though UK/Cananda. Past France is still roped off until 11.

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Check on Google maps for some peace of mind.

Ah!! Good to know! Thanks!!

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only 164.75 feet (75 steps) off of my “top of the head” estimate!

…not too bad!! :grin:

Trying to remember back to imperial measurements… isn’t a mile 5280 ft? Wouldn’t that make 2475.25 ft about a half a mile?

This is a great funny thread. Lol. A year later doing the same thing from the yacht club. Going in August. Assuming all strategies are the same. Please lmk if anything has changed.

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We did this earlier this month and all was as reported/mapped. However when we got there, Frozen was down. We waited about a half hour and gave up. It had been down for a couple hours the day before.

We did this 2 weeks ago. DS and I are not fast walkers and converged with the main gate folks at the entrance to World Showcase. Even though plenty of people passed us on the way, we still only had a 25 minute wait which we considered a success!

Doesn’t that side of the park & the FEA ride open at 11? Has it changed to RD? I thought only FW was open between 9-11.

FEA is open, as is Akershus for breakfast, and possibly the meet and greet.

So you can walk through Mexico to Norway. If entering at IG, you can go to Les Halles for breakfast, and then walk through UK and Canada and round to Norway. Everything is roped off, so no shops etc are open and no wandering through the gardens at Canada for example. And you can’t walk round WS anti-clockwise to Norway to IG.

Thanks! Thats definitely made me feel better about things. We’re off-site so the chances of getting a FP for FEA is ZERO.

You’ll be fine. The key issue is getting there early enough to clear security actually. You’ll be behind the diners at Norway and a few of the fast walkers from the main entrance. Meet and greet will be open too. It’s one of the better ones actually- got some good details in the queue.