International Gateway Early Entry Question

Looking for expert assistance! My family and I are staying at the Contemporary Hotel. But we would like to enter EPCOT for early entry from the International Gateway entrance. We have a car, but I have heard that taking ride share to that side of the park is the best way to go. Any tips? Do I have them just drop us off at the Dolphin and walk over? Is there a challenge in doing that?

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Definitely ride share to Dolphin and walk (unless you have a breakfast ADR at one of the Epcot resorts, you won’t be allowed to park there)


We have done ride share to the resort next to Epcot, but it seems to be mixed whether ok or not. Last time we did it, we said we were staying at another Disney Resort, they scanned our band and we had no issues. By going to Dolphin, you will not run into this.