International gateway and frozen

Going to Epcot next week and have been checking old posts. We will enter through international gateway and head to frozen as we do not have a FPP. How early has rope drop been before opening? How long has it been taking to do security? Trying to get an idea of when we need to arrive at security to be ready at rope drop. Also do they still only allow you to go left at the gateway towards Canada when they open?

This was from September. There were hardly any lines at security at the international gateway. I don’t ever remember waiting more than a minute or so. And there definitely wasn’t the mob you see at the main gateway at rope drop. To get to Frozen, you need to head towards Canada. We move really slow and by the time we got to the ride, we waited maybe 25 minutes (again, we walk REALLY slowly - if you walk with purpose, you’ll have a much shorter line!). I much prefer the IG and not being in the rush of folks from the main gate. By the time you meet up with them, the numbers have thinned out! As for when the rope drop happened, it was maybe 5 minutes early if we were lucky. But didn’t seem to be earlier than the main gateway.

I’ve never spent more than a minute at security at gateway. Never any queues. But then again ive never felt the need to do epcot at ropedrop.

Security is way less mobbed at IG in the morning and it’ll be worth the short wait even though you have to go the longer way around towards Canada.

If coming from MK using DT, is there a way to go straight to the IG?

The only option would be to take a bus to one of the Epcot hotels. I’d recommend the Beach/Yacht Club bus as they are closest to IG. It is a fairly short walk thru the hotel and then down to International Gateway…

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Unfortunately you can only access IG from the Epcot resorts area. DT from MK drops you off at the opposite end of Epcot (at the FutureWorld entrance).

Yes but there are buses to all resorts from MK, so OP can take any of those buses (BC/YC or BW) and enter by IG.

True, you could take the bus from MK to Boardwalk Inn, Beach, or Yacht Clubs to enter via IG but timing wise, you may not get to those resorts and then IG until way past rope drop. It depends on how early you can catch the buses from MK.

You may be confusing the more recent question with the original poster. I don’t think @Gram2I’s query had anything to do with rope drop - just how to do MK to IG. Not sure why anyone would go to MK first if rope dropping Epcot, although I guess maybe someone could want to position cars appropriately for day’s end perhaps?

I mentioned rope drop cuz the original query was related to making it to Frozen before the lines get long and without a FP. I assumed the later query about using IG was also related to getting into the park early since that’s the big advantage of IG- way shorter security lines. Either way, hope the info is useful.

Went to Epcot today throw the gateway. Was busy but I’m sure nothing like the front. Made it to frozen with a brisk walk. They started security at about 8:30 and opened the hat at just about 9. Thanks for everything ones help. It worked great.