Interesting FPP Observation

I have a leading reservation booked for our upcoming trip. Due to this, I am booking FPP at 60+14 for a party of 5. This photo is FPP selection for 60+14 at exactly 7:01am. No matter how I refreshed, there were no times between 9:40am and 12:50pm for Tier 1 attractions, which is totally bizarre since I should be among the very first to book FPP for that day (since the FPP window can only extend to 14 days).

I had a very similar experience with booking FEA at 60+14 earlier this week. No times between 10:00am and 12:00pm. When I checked again at 60+10 at 7:00am, there were tons of times available between 10 & noon.

In contrast, I had no issues booking any time for FOP at 60+14.

Based on my sample size of 1, it seems like they are holding back or not pre-loading all the FPP even for those in the 60 day window, but are instead releasing some at different points. I plan to keep checking SDD every day & see if it opens up later this week.


Did you have any other FPP booked at those times? Because they will not show up if that is the case.

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Nope. For SDD, it was my first FPP I booked for that day.

For Frozen, my 1st FPP was at 9am. I didn’t have my 2nd booked.

Also, based on my experience, it will show times that have you already FPP booked, but they have an outline around them to show you’re already booked at that time.

I went to check on one of my FPP for an upcoming trip that I know have way more FPP than that. It is only showing the times I could take that would not interfere with the other FPP booked (I have a 10:30am and an 11:30am). And it is not showing those ones too!

Disney is sneaky.


Right? I thought I was saving myself a lot of trouble by using a leading reservation. But I’m still checking back every day!

At first, I could justify SDD. But TSMM at 60+14? No way.

Yeah, there is no way there are no other Spaceship Earth FPP in the morning for a FPP in the morning! We will need to be careful…Disney is on to us.

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Is this when you first select an attraction?

If so, this is not new. If you book and FP and then modify you get a huge number of times to choose from. The initial screen just gives a choice of a few times at different times of the day.

Under the ride description in blue it says “view details and moe times”. Click on there and it should bring up some different times of the day. Again, not all possible times, given they have them in 5 minute intervals for the published park hours. That’s why they don’t give you every time.

You take the best and then immediately modify to get an exact time. This was the case at least since 2016 when they made other significant changes.


This is a screenshot of the initial times. But even after booking (ex: FEA from 12:00-1:00) no amount of modifying offered times in the slot of 10:00-12:00. Also if I changed my initial time selection from morning to 11:00, again the only choices given were 9:40, 12:00, and later.

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Did you click on the link that says “view details & more times”?
When I was booking my initial FPPs I got all of my early ones that way.

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Yep. I have clicked on more times, refreshed, adjusted my selected time, etc. Nothing pops up.

FEA was like that for 2-3 days then suddenly at 60+10 I could have any time I wanted.


hmm - I think that they must hold some back, perhaps because they ‘advertise’ you can book at 60+10 & it is just you special UK people that can book at 14 :slight_smile:

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Hmm. :thinking:

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I am in the US. The 14 day window is for anyone with an on-site stay.

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oh - I always thought we could only reserve 10 days in advance even with a 14 day ticket - I learn something new all the time :slight_smile:

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That’s for ADRs.

Its a FP game! Lol, Ive previously picked any FP for the time slot and modified the ride, changing time slot slightly and finally found what I wanted.

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