Interested in a last-minute (May) Memory Maker share?

Hi all - Flights have gotten so cheap that I couldn’t resist, and I just decided to take my kids for a trip to WDW from May 6-11. Since it is so last minute, I didn’t find a Memory Maker share months ago like I usually would have. :smile:

Is anyone interested in doing a share with me? I would be looking for dates between now and the middle of May.

I have participated in and run shares before. The Memory Maker is a bit of a new wrinkle, but I read about it and think we could make it work out fine.

I would love to set this up, since I’ll be the only adult on this trip and if we don’t have Memory Maker, I won’t be in any pictures!

@ love tink I know someone looking for a last minute share that will only be there for one day the beginning of May. If anyone else in interested I’m sure she would be too.

I would be interested. I will be there from May 22-30.


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I’m so happy to see some interest! Let’s see if we get any more takers and I can start to set up the group.

Sounds great!

For anyone who might be on the fence about doing the share - are you also going to Universal during your vacation?

I have a Star Card, which is the card for Universal’s Photo Connect program. The card is usually valid for 1, 3 or 5 days, but I was able to get it for a full year because I have an annual pass for Universal.

I would be willing to let a fellow Memory Maker sharer use the Star Card for free during his/her vacation (I just need it back by May 30).

Hi Love Tink. I saw your message on the other forum and really appreciate your letting me know about this share. My only concern is that I am going May 31 - June 4th. It seems you all are going in the middle of May. Will it work for me if I join your group? How long will I have to view and down load my pictures after I get home?

Patty Bee

Hi Patty - Well, Memory Maker is actually better for sharing than PhotoPass was. With PhotoPass you had 30 days to take photos. With Memory Maker, there are two clocks to worry about:

  1. Every photo you take will expire after 45 days and must be downloaded before that time (unless you purchase an extension).
  2. Once you download your first photo or batch of photos, you have 30 more days to collect photos.

So they actually give you a really long window - 75 days - from potentially taking your first photo to potentially taking your last photo. And you get even longer - 120 days - from potentially taking your first photo to potentially downloading your last photo.

With a situation like this, for example - I would arrive May 6 and have my first photo taken. The 45-day clock on that photo starts that day, so I have until well into June to download the shot. I can come home from my trip and edit and play with the photos, and say I download them on May 20. That means we have until June 19 to collect more photos - each of which will not expire for 45 days after being taken, giving you plenty of time when you arrive home after your trip.

Clear as mud? :slight_smile:

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Another thought - it is actually kind of nice to have the trips spread out a bit because when you all go at the same time, everyone’s pictures are all intermingled and you have to sort through other families’ shots when you go in to edit. With the trips spread out, you can click on your dates on the Memory Maker site and just get your photos.

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I am interested in sharing. New to this but all the posts seemed to explain it all. May 28-June 4th.

You sound very knowledgeable about this Love Tink so I want to join you. I will PM you my email address.

Patty Bee :smile:

All right guys, I think we have a good group together. I also have an interested party from another forum, so if everybody confirms, we have six people - which would work out to $28.33 each.

If I can collect everyone’s e-mail addresses by private message, I can start sending some information out by e-mail, so we can collect the money via PayPal and get the MDE account set up.

KittKatt and PattyBee, I have your emails already. So I just need to hear from shark_bait and k22wallace.

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Awesome! Thanks so much for organizing.

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Just checking in again to see if @shark_bait and @k22wallace are still interested.

If you are still looking I am interested. My trip is May 16 thru the 23

@Colleen68 - we have six in the share, so I was coming in to close it. But I hate to turn people down.

Can you send me your e-mail address through private message? You can be the final member.

Once we confirm Colleen, everyone, you’ll be hearing from me again with details about getting started.

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Im interested in the memory maker share if you still have an opening. I will be there May30-June 5.

@katiesmom2003 I’m sorry but our share is full and everybody has paid, so we’ve closed it. If you keep an eye on this page, you should be able to find another one pretty easily, from what I can tell. Sorry!

ok thanks. Ive been on the chat, but didnt think about getting on the forum til today!!!