Interactive Wand fit in ride lockers? Box and all?

We arrive Wednesday 8/19. Our priority is all things HP and our first stop is Olivanders. Trouble is we are not sure if the wand will fit in ride lockers. Will both the box and wand fit? If only the wand will the merchant send just the box to our room?

We are staying on premise. Myself and daughter age 11.

Knowing this may change my plans greatly.

yep. the wands fit in the lockers just fine! Enjoy! they are super fun!! My DS12 spend HOURS wandering Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade doing spells.


Thanks. DarthDopey! Will the box fit too?

yep, we kept it in the box AND the bag when we put it in the lockers. no issues.

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ditto to what @DarthDopey - our girls (9, 10) carried the wand/box/bag around each day we were there, they fit in all the lockers just fine, you just need to angle them slightly. She won’t want you to send it back to the room, too much fun doing the spells, that was their favourite part! enjoy.

A few of the longer collectible wand boxes won’t fit in the lockers, ask the clerk when you buy to be sure.

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We kept the wand and sent the empty box back to the room… worked well for us and was less bulky to carry around the park.

I did a bit of research on the Universal Shop website. As far as interactive wands go, most should fit in the ride lockers, at least diagonally from one top corner to its opposite lower corner.

The three wands that might give the most trouble are the Rowan, Oak, and Alder wands. All these wands’ boxes are 19" in length. The wands themselves are obviously shorter and should fit diagonally into the ride lockers.

I read on another web discussion that pencil eraser tops (pictured below) fit nicely over the wands’ glass tips to help protect them if you choose to send the box back to your hotel room (if you’re staying on-property)