Inspiring walt disney: a bit of the magic at the met

Forgive me if this thread already exists, search didnt pop up anything, but omg, run dont walk to the disney exhibit at the met.

This exhibit ends super soon, but any fan would love this. So, so good and a reminder of why we love disney that is much needed these days. No pics allowed, but if youre a BATB fan (@JordanRunner) it will be especially awesome. Anyway, who else has gone? Im in the cab back to the hotel and i just couldnt wait to share my excitement with people who get it!


Please help the uncultured swine in the room: where is the met?

I’m thinking NYC?

Yes, sorry. And my idea of culture is an RC cola and a moon pie, so i feel you. Its just very crappy weather so we decided to do something indoors!


Is it snowing there too? NYC in a snowstorm :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I love NYC. I miss it.


This morning it was pouring a nasty wintry mix


I think @len and Jim Hill talked about this exhibit on the Disney Dish. It sounded awesome! So glad you enjoyed it too!


It was a hoot! I love the backstory on Gaston, and the couch. Plus the miniatures were fascinating.

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The attention to detail required for the miniatures translating into the level of detail we love in the parks… i kept saying “who was lucky enough to curate this?!”

My single favorite item though was the emotion sketch for magic carpet. Wow.

I can’t wait to see what the Smithsonian has in store for next year’s thing at American History.