Inside Out Meet and Greet

Hello All,

We would like to meet Joy and Sadness at Epcot, but I don’t see that as an option in the touring plans. I have temporarily just added epcot character spot, but I am wondering if that would be similar plan-wise, or if it will just throw off the timing?


I met them at RD with a 10 minute wait last month.

Word on the street is the wait builds fast after park open (~35-40 minutes at ~9:15) and stays there until late in the day. And I’ve read that Joy and Sadness are sometimes a few minutes late to start meeting, which doesn’t help.

Thanks for the info. Tp for character spot currently has 9 min wait at 9:35… I’ll have to figure out how to fix that up.

@jenniemouse - Did you also meet Baymax? My 5 year old is a huge Big Hero 6 fan, so we are hoping to meet him and Joy and Sadness. How were the lines for Baymax and the other Disney Characters in that same area?

When I was there July 18, the Baymax line was always much shorter than Joy and Sadness, throughout the day. Maybe 10 minutes instead of 30? Character Spot with Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy is something you can FPP, otherwise they get very long, too.

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I don’t have personal experience, but what I’ve read matches what @mkmuzzy is saying. One reason is apparently that Baymax doesn’t sign autographs, so his line moves a little faster.

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There isn’t much to do with Bay max either, other than hug and fist bump and picture. Our greet was about 60 seconds since there’s not much interaction.

We met him in Dec but he had zero line when I was done with Joy and Sadness

That’s good news, I really want to meet Baymax!

Me, too! Would love to meet Joy and Sadness also, but not with a long wait. Baymax is our first priority character in Epcot anyway.