Insect repellent for DLR and San Diego?

Will I need to bring insect repellent for our trip in mid-Sep? We are also going to San Diego Zoo and not sure where else in San Diego, maybe La Jolla. Thanks!

I think that’s a good idea no matter where you travel @sashasmommy!!! I am the only person in my party that inevitably gets bitten by any mosquito in a 250 mile area so i say yes!!!

We are there in early August. Didn’t need any insect repellent. We were at the zoo and the beach. You can always purchase it later if you find you need it.

I live in Southern California. There’s no need for insect repellent in Orange County or San Diego. One of my favorite parts of living here!

Ok, thanks! We live in Colorado, so we don’t even own insect repellent, so I didn’t want to go out and buy it if it’s not needed.

I too, a Southern California native, never worried about insect repellent. It is not something that is ever on my radar, unless I am out camping. Definitely not while I am in the city.