Innoventions West

Why isn’t Innoventions West listed as an attraction in the pull down box under add an attraction.

I’m not sure what all is open in west. I believe the M&G maybe the only thing available. Also 2 attractions are closing in east during September.

The only reason i asked is there is an exclusive character meet and greet for Disney visa card members there From 11a to 7p. Not a big deal its easy enough to find the time to get back there.


That is the only thing there! (Well, besides video games to play just outside the M&G).

Well that explains a lot! Thanks, I’m sure we can find some time to get the kids back there at some point.


There’s a number of M&G’s. There’s the Disney Visa Card exclusive meet and greet (Mickey, Minnie, Goofy), then there’s the EPCOT Character Spot (with Mickey Mouse and friends, which offers FP+), and there’s the other EPCOT Character Spot (where you can meet Joy and Sadness, but no FP+), and finally there’s the OTHER other EPCOT Character Spot (where you can meet Baymax, but still not FP+).

The one that shows in the Touring Plans dropdown is the one that offers FastPasses. We want to see the Inside Out characters and Baymax, so I just added the regular Character Spot twice as a rough placeholder, and made a note what it really is. What I’ve read is Joy and Sadness have longer lines, and Baymax’s are shorter, so I’m hoping it comes out in the wash.

Thanks. A Lot to learn especially when its been since around 20 years since we’ve been…and then it was only one day at the Magic Kingdom!