Regarding Innoventions closing–does anyone know whether Osimo (the Honda robot) is still going to be there? Was Osimo even there before the closing? And even if he was, was he on the side that is closing? My husband somehow tripped over info about the robot and he wants to see it when we get there in October. We’ll be at DL after Innoventions has reopened, but what are people’s thoughts? I’m thinking if he was on the side of Innoventions that’s getting the rehaul, he’s toast.

I don’t think Asimo is coming back. I can’t remember where I read that so I can’t give you a source but I wouldn’t plan on being able to see it just in case.

However, the info is still on the website:

Gone forever. I know they’ve stripped everthing out of the lower level.

Thanks to both of you. Ruh-roh…time to break the news to the hubs…