Initnerary review

Thanks for any help you can add - background 3 adults (including 68 yo grandma), 2yo and 5yo, park hoppers, staying at Contemporary, end of Aug.

We are early risers so I was planning on taking advantage of all the EMH we can, going back to the resort for a swim and rest in the afternoon and then heading out again for the evening. I was thinking - at least in the beginning of the week when the crowds were higher that we should switch parks to a lower crowd park. So far my rough plans…

Sat - arrive - disney springs - Raglan road or QS for early dinner, ? Trex dessert

Sun - EMH at HS, hotel to rest, Chef Mickey at 4:00ish and MK evening/fireworks

Monday - EMH at AK, hotel, Momma Melrose Fantasmic package for early dinner then show at HS

Tues - MK with BOG breakfast prepark opening, hotel, Epoct in afternoon, ? Akershus take kids back to hotel for bed with grandma then date night at Epcot for late EMH

Wed - Sleep in - Ohana breakfast, MK at some point, MK late?

Thur - (grandma birthday) - EMH Epcot Garden grill, hotel, Epcot ? Akershus ? MK dessert

Fri - EMH MK, hotel, open afternoon (probably halloween party at MK - we dont go)

Sat - Bon Voage breakfast - leave

It’s difficult to know what will work for young children so this is based on what I remember from when my girls where that young.

  1. You have a lot of early mornings and late nights - will that work for your children. Will they sleep in the stroller if tired? If so, then that’s fine - but my children struggled after more than 2 days of that.

  2. Given the heat in August we found that TS meals at lunchtime (usually in the park) worked better than in the evening - family appreciated the air conditioning and some down time at the end of the morning touring. Also, QS seemed easier in the vending because we could be more flexible depending on how tired they were, if they wanted to swim etc

  3. On the Monday you have a lot of travelling by bus- could you do MK in the morning and then HS in the afternoon - also gets you to MK earlier in the trip.