Informal Characters

Hello! We have a lot of informal characters that are super important to us, so I am wondering how much time I should put into the plan to meet with them. I’m especially wondering about meeting Alice around 10:30am. Is 15 minutes wishful thinking? Crowd level is projected to be an 8.

Yes, I would think a minimum of 30 minutes. They have certain places they set up, so if you get there just before them your time could be shorter, but with a crowd level of 8, you good wait a lot longer. Check out Kenny the pirate’s website for some good info.

Thank you! I think I have it all figured out. We’ll be waiting longer for Small World (a lot longer) and it doesn’t flow as coherently, but somehow that makes it all work out so things fit more nicely.Not only will we have more time to see the Wonderland characters and use the restroom, but we won’t be cutting it close for our FPP and BOG ADR. Fingers crossed that the predicted wait times are accurate, my husband is begging me to not take any more time with this schedule!

Just to be clear, you’re talking about meeting Alice in the Magic Kingdom, right? She also meets in Epcot at the UK pavilion.

Either way, she draws a crowd as soon as people see her, so if you know when she’s scheduled to be on stage and where she’s meeting, then you can line up ahead of time.

We have always found it to be a good strategy to line up for the character’s next set 5-10 mins before they are scheduled to appear…cause as soon as they come out, the nearby crowd will join the line ! We met several characters this way on our last trip, being the first or second family in line.

Yes, Alice at MK. If we can’t fit it in to meet her there, then we’ll see her at Epcot, I am kind of hoping the White Rabbit or Mad Hatter will be with her at MK, though. Unfortunately they come out at 9:20, and only stay until 12:45, no later times, so being there when they come out is really only a choice if we want to wait longer for Peter Pan’s Flight, Winnie the Pooh, and Small World. I built in extra minutes after lunch for us to try to catch them then if we can’t in the morning, it’s not a huge deal, but would be nice so we’ll play it by ear.I just didn’t know what to expect, and it’s right at that time where a fifteen minute diversion could be an hour’s difference in other parts of the plan. It makes sense to meet them right after mad tea party, but then when you look at how the lines will be building during that time, it really doesn’t… curiouser and curiouser :wink:

One thing to keep in mind is that the times KtP posts the character’s times but they will take breaks during that time - a lot of characters are out for a short 20 minutes then they need to break and come back out 10-20 minutes later (depends on the character). CMs in the area should be able to help you know how long the break is.

An update after the fact: We ended up having a lot of extra time in the morning because it was raining, and there was just about no one in the park at rope drop. We walked onto all of the rides. My kids were actually mad because there was no time to spend in the interactive queues! We met the white rabbit after riding the tea cups. Alice had to go in “for a bit of tea” before we made it up to her, so the White Rabbit was there. It took about a half hour, and while my family waited I went and collected our stroller and scoped out the line for Aurora, whom we also were able to see. It took about a half hour to meet Alice in Epcot, but it was well worth the wait. Alice was the most interactive character, and my daughter was absolutely enchanted. Actually, so was I! :smile: