Info for those w food allergies


Thank you @Sam2071. You always post such useful links! I wish there was a way to organize and categorize all the good information here in a better way.


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You are too sweet. Hey, if you happen to have an Iphone, yes, there's an app for that. smile My fav is Pocket; it uses gmail style tags.

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I do have an iphone! But nobody in my family actually has any food allergies. smile I know. It's silly that I commented in an allergy thread, but I really do think you post the best links! I hope other people see them too.

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There is also an allergy-free snack cart in Animal Kingdom on Discovery Island, near one of the bridges off the island (can’t remember which, maybe toward DinoLand??). I don’t think it’s listed as a restaurant so it might be hard to find this info on a Disney site. We happened upon it last weekend.