Info for 2020?

I’ve been poking around, trying to find info about 2020. There’s nothing out there yet! I am, like a lot of you, a mega-planner. I’d talked about doing a trip in May 2020, but it looks like there’s a good chance that’ll get pushed up to March. Shh. Don’t tell Hubby. He doesn’t know yet. :laughing:
I’m a little worried about spring break crowds, but it looks like it’ll be similar to this year? Easter is fairly late, which spreads out the crowds. We have a mid-March break. I know there are some school districts (all of Texas?) that break that same week, but other than that, I don’t think it’s all that common of a week to have a break.
We typically rent DVC points, which would put me right at that 11 month window, now. I wanted to do some comparison shopping, though, to see if there were other options. I can’t find anything, though, to do comparisons. Ticket information isn’t available after December. Hotels don’t have anything out yet. I don’t even know if they’ll continue the Disney Springs fastpass stuff. I asked at MVT, but all I could get from them is prices for this year over Memorial Day.

So, my big question is… does anyone have an idea when this info starts becoming available? Is this typical for a spring trip? We’ve always done fall, so info was available earlier. How risky is it to wait for a few months and then try to book DVC?

2020 pricing will come out around mid-June

ACK! That’s so far away! What am I going to do for the next two months? :wink:

Although package info won’t be out until later, you can get resort rates by calling Disney.

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I’ve been looking at Disney Springs hotels for next year too and on the Hilton Buena Vista Palace website they have a statement that the benefits will continue on until the end of 2020. I can’t see any other references to this on other websites, but it’s looking hopeful.

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I looked at the Disney Springs Hotels website today

And it doesn’t say anything about these benefits continuing into 2020. I hope that just means it hasn’t been updated!

I’m curious about your other thread, if anyone who used these perks has any opinions. We’ve always stayed onsite but would consider this if we could get 60 day FPP and EMM. Now, if only we could use DME and busses, too! Oh, wait, that’s just all of the onsite perks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok… looked at some more websites. I’ve now found two or three places that say this has been extended through 2020! Looks like it just happened in early April.

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With SW:GE opening, I expect that Spring Break 2020 will be more crowded than Spring Break 2019. I suspect there were many people that said, let’s do something else for spring break 2019 and go to WDW in 2020 after Star Wars is open. For the same reason, I expect all dates in 2020 from January 1 through August 28 to be more crowded than those same dates in 2019.

That’s a good point. I’m wanting to go the week after Easter 2020. I was wondering if crowds would be worse than this year because of Star Wars.

I had the same problem with magical vacations travel. We want to go in Feb and want to see if we can afford a deluxe hotel. I asked for some pricing but she said she didn’t have “specials” yet.
I basically told the person I spoke to I want the direct quoted prices from Disney and could she please give them to me for a few different hotels, and she did get back to me with them. At lease now I know what the cost is without any specials/discounts that may be available and I can budget going forward.