Inflatable Seat/Cushion

The older I get, the harder the ground gets. I was considering taking a small inflatable seat/cushion along with me for use when waiting for fireworks (or even to use while watching shows). People have posted much success on Amazon when using such items on plane trips ( I was wondering if anyone else had ever brought along their own seat/cushion, and if it is worth the effort of lugging it around? We always have a small backpack, so if they are as compact as it says, I don’t see a reason why we couldn’t roll it up and keep it in there until needed. Any thoughts?

I have used similar self-inflating cushions at historic re-creation camping events. Even in my 20s, it was worth it to make sitting on logs or the ground more comfortable. And if you hate carrying it around the first day, you can leave it in the room the rest of your trip!

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