Indoor hallways

Do any of the value (not counting AOA suites) have indoor hallways?

No, only deluxe resorts and AOA suites have indoor hallways . Values and moderates do not.

Thanks. A friend wants indoor hallways. Not a big deal to me. I’m just happy to be there!

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We love indoor hallways as that usually means you get a balcony for yourself to relax on.

Now I’m trying to figure out what an outdoor hallway would look like… :grin:

I went to Disney World with a friend last December. He said that he prefers indoor hallways, then I showed the price difference between Deluxe and any other resorts. We ended up staying at All-Star Sports.

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Personally I like the outdoor hallways. It is quieter overall. The doors have to be thicker and more weatherproof for outdoor hallways, and helps cut down noise. And yes much cheaper.

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Interesting. I never even considered this when booking a resort!

It may be a safety issue?