Indoor counter service?

Can we make a list of counter service restaurants in the parks that are indoors and air conditioned? I know Backlot Express at DHS, Restaurantosaurus at AK, Sunshine Seasons at EP. What else? Thanks!

Pizza Planet at HS. Cosmic Rays at MK

Columbia Harbor House in MK as well.

D’oh, I forgot MK completely! Good ones here - thanks!

EP: France, Japan. Electric umbrella.

More good ones! Thanks!

We like cosmic rays


Not too much indoor seating… but Caseys also. At MK.

Casey’s has more seating now after the refurb.Sad they removed the bleachers. Pinocchio Village Haus also has AC seating :smile:

Tomorrow land terrace is AC - we realized that 2 weeks ago. Cosmic Rays, Columbia Harbor House, the back rooms of tortuga tavern are also air conditioned. Launching pad is not.

Electric Umbrella at Epcot is.

pizzafari at ak. commissary at hs. sunshine seasons at epcot. tangierene at epcot (very limited seating).

I’d like to give a shout out to pizzafari, which was an oasis on a hot day recently. we had a snafoo using our fpp to finding nemo show, had to stay at park later than planned. ak can be a hot park on a hot day, since all rides, walks outdoors. we lunched at 11:30, no crowd at all, rested up for later show. about 1 pm stopped at resterauntasouros for ice water, whoa, crazytown in there.

La Hacienda has some sneaky indoor seating in Mexico at EP. There is a terrace for seating right by the registers, but around the side is a sign that says “More seating inside” and a closed door.

I noticed it while we were cleaning up our table. D’oh!