Indiana Jones show

Just wondering how hot it is at the Indiana Jones stunt show during July. We are taking my parents with us on our trip. It is their first time. We are usually a rope drop family and leave during the afternoons. My husband and I are both teachers, so we can only go in the summer. Because of Toy Story Land opening, I wasn’t able to get my Fast Passes until later in the day. My parents want to do the shows. I was just worried that the outdoor theater will be too hot around 2:00pm.

It isn’t too bad. The theater is shaded. I also think it is a little cooler towards the end of a row, rather than crammed in the middle with all that body heat.

Thanks! That’s what I was hoping. I think my parents will struggle with the heat and the exhaustion that can be Disney, but it’s kind of a bucket list thing for my mom. By the way, I don’t know what I’m doing technically! I just posted for the first time, and my husband’s name comes up instead of mine. I guess because the subscription is in his name. I do all the planning. He tolerates my love of Disney!

It’s shaded so it will be somewhat cooler than the gates of Hell heat that is the rest of DHS in July and August.

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They can take a cool drink inside with them. It is shaded but the humidity will be terrible in July. I suggest cooling towels and maybe a misting fan. The Little Mermaid show & Frozen show & Muppets are inside with AC.

Most theatres have giant fans. Choose a seat in line of the breeze to get the benefit.

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Thanks!!! I never saw that.

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Agree, it’s shaded, so it’s not like being in the sun at the Lights! Motors! Action! show a few years back. But – same type of seating, I believe. I always bring at least a sweatshirt to sit on – those bleacher seats are pretty tough on the ol’ tuchus.