Indiana Jones and my Quest To Relive a Missed Childhood

This is going to sound like a crazy question because it really seems like the focus of most members of these boards is not shows. But here’s my somewhat long-winded preface: Sometimes my goal for Disney trips (or maybe, sub-goals; lesser goals that fit into a bigger picture?) is to do things that have existed since my childhood that I never got to do. Examples: I never got to ride SM as a child. I was never tall or brave enough. And I thought my big sister and big cousins were just the coolest because they could ride space mountain. So the first time I took my own kids, I made it my goal to go on SM, even if other adults in our group thought I was crazy. It was everything I dreamed it would be. This trip, we are going to Universal, and I’ll be darned if I don’t ride the E.T. ride!!! When I was a kid, we tried to go to Universal, but we were always thwarted by a sick kid, or broken vehicle, or whatever excuse the adults gave that year. This time, after all of the Wizarding World has been explored I will (cue dramatic John Williams music) ride that bike with E.T.

And, to the point of this post, I’ve also always wanted to see the Indiana Jones show at HS. Last time we went, I had a friend whose partner was a cast member at the show. He said he could get us priority seating and maybe a behind the scenes tour. So I didn’t get FPP. I didn’t get FPP for HS at all, which was part of why it was so miserable… anyway, just before our trip, Friend’s partner got a new job, and I was SO HAPPY for them, but also sad about IJ. But I thought, we’ll just get in line and go. Um, no. The line was so long the cast member said we wouldn’t see it for two more shows. We DID have FPP for Epcot that day, so we had to leave. Still didn’t get to see IJ.

So THIS TIME, I thought I would get a FPP, whether necessary or not, it would be a priority!!! Now the tiers have changed. AND I heard Indiana might be closing for a while! There are still times available for our date (May 22) but now I’m worried we will get there and it will be closed! And while I’m excited that it will be back and updated to go with the new movies, I still just want to see the old original one!!! Do we have even a rumor of when it will close?? And with the new tiers, is FPP necessary? Does this show still get shut out??? Am I worrying over something silly??? Of all the things to worry about at HS and I’m worried I won’t get to see Indy

Yes. Indy is scheduled for a revamp sometime in 2020. The exact dates have not been released yet. It is scheduled to reopen in 2021 - possibly w/ elements from the new Indy 5 movie coming out next year.

I have never needed one ever - but I like to get there about 20 minutes early to try and get picked to be in the show. However, if this is that important to you - go for it. It’s always, IMHO, better to have a FPP than to miss out on an attraction.

Nope. It’s a great show. It’s never silly to want to see something like this. I miss out on seeing the T-2 show at Universal by about 2 weeks. I’ll always be sad I put it off.

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I think the day we went 5 years ago happened to be freakishly busy. Everything I read said FP wasn’t necessary for any of the shows, but we even had to wait multiple shows for the Muppets. It was spring break. But now I have so much anxiety over that park!

The DL attraction has an announced refurbishment. I researched this the other day. I don’t think the show is on the list yet.

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Not silly at all to prioritize Indy! We’ve been to HS before, but didn’t see it, until this last trip. TSL was brand new, and amazing, FOP was new to us, and wow! But Indy was DH’s favorite part of of our whole trip. Those are some of his favorite movies, though, so I shouldn’t be surprised. It’s now a priority for us, again, for our next trip.


We tried 3 times to see it this time, but only ended up seeing scene 1. It was raining the first time, so it was going to be an abbreviated show and we bailed. They were having technical difficulties the second time, so we bailed again. The third time was the last show of the day, and they were still having technical difficulties. They only did scene 1, which lasted all of a couple minutes. Don’t feel bad about prioritizing it. If you leave it to the end, you may end up disappointed.

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Spring break tends to be busy. If it was a spring break tied into Easter then it was one of the busiest times of the year. Check the TP and other crowd calendars if you want a comparison of that time with when you’re going again.

The ride at DL is scheduled to close. Not the show at WDW, which has no credible rumours surrounding a re-vamp.

Exactly, there is nothing to suggest the show is getting anything at the moment.

Anything not already announced (plus some that have been announced) is on hold for now due to two of the Asian parks being closed indefinitely.

@MagicFinder, I know exactly where you’re coming from here. I could not go to DHS without an FP for the show. Last time we went there were people who were being told for the second time that day that they could not get in.

Always get an FP for something that you must do. It won’t stop the show being cancelled, cut short or closed for a refurb, but it will ensure you get in if it’s operating. Assuming you still turn up 20 minutes before.

This is just one article I’ve seen about the stunt show going down this year. Plus, it’s been on multiple podcasts - including Disney Dish

Hmmm. One glance at the source quoted tells me all I need to know right now.

The same person who said The Seas and The Land we’re closing this year. :grin:

It isn’t silly.

We went 3 years ago and had to leave during the middle of it. One of my daughters is on the spectrum and fire really bothers her, so during the first act, she had to leave with my wife. Then, my other daughter thought we were going to get hurt, so I had to leave with her.

This past time, my wife and daughter on the spectrum left to go to the room. I took my other and told her “We aren’t leaving early this time.” I got chosen to be an extra. It was awesome.

To cap it off, I met someone who owns property in my neighborhood of about 12 houses and also one of the other extras was a girl I graduated high school with in Birmingham AL. Pretty cool.

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I totally get that. That’s why I mentioned it was on other sources, including episode 205 of Disney Dish w/ Jim & Len, from Touring Plans as well.

IMHO - it’s all rumor until it hits / is posted on the refurbishment calendar. :smiley:

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I just re-listened to this episode. This seems to focus on possible revisiting the attraction after the movie and the discussion about if the ride will come?

I do seem to remember recent discussions but Jim Hill seems to, at times, jump back and forth commenting on attractions at WDW and DL. I think recently I thought he was talking about WDW until he said something about the preshow?


For the sake of this topic, my opinion is if you really want to see it then don’t wait. You never know what changes / closures could be coming.

Again, IMHO, until I see it on the refurbish calendar I don’t take this or any changes as definite. However, I don’t totally dismiss it either and keep it in the back of my mind when planning.

I planned a trip to DLR for this year - almost at the 499 date. Indy is a big reason I’m going. Had I heard the possibility that it is going to refurbishment sooner I might not have booked it. Now, I’m anxiously awaiting to see if / when it’s going down. I will cancel / postpone my plans if it isn’t available.

That’s all I’m trying to help OP with. :smiley:


I love Indy in DL and I hope he is right about that attraction sometimes coming!


It’s amazing how much missing a ride in childhood can affect your feelings as an adult. Due to a string of crazy events and a map we were unable to decipher, my family missed Haunted Mansion on our one trip to WDW when I was a teen. I may or may not have forced my young children onto the ride during our first trip as a family to make up for it. :blush:


I did the Indiana Jones show a week or so ago and I made sure I had a FP. I hadn’t seen it in a really really long time (15+ years) and I was not disappointed. I will probably try to do it again on my next trip.


I guess it was a case of overstated “headlines” and gossip getting confused with the closure of the Disneyland attraction. I’m usually a persistent fact checker, but I guess my brain was easily swayed by the hype- I really did think it had been an official announcement that it was going to close sometime this year! Sorry for spreading possibly untrue gossip!

I am still really anxious about missing it though. When the tiers changed suddenly I was like “Oh no, I have to change my plan, should I still get FPP for it?? WHAT DO I DO!” I’m also really stressed because my master’s thesis research is having so many delays, so that stress just spills over into everything (I’m not high strung, who’s high strung??) I will keep my FPP the same. Maybe not get ST. I think I’ll try for SDD, TSMM, and IJ. I don’t even book them until next month. There’s something wrong with me that I have to know right now. :joy::joy::joy:

In all my trips I had never been to the show. I had it on my list for a few trips and then in August, right before the tiers changed I went to HS for “one last time, old time HS touring. I booked my RnR, ToT and STs FPs. We did the Indy Show. We showed up about 10 minutes before the show started. It was not a center seat, but it was a good seat on the left side of the theatre. We went to a morning show. I think you’ll be fine!

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