Independence Day 2019 Trip

I have booked the Hard Rock Hotel for 2 nights 3rd to 5th July. We will get the Express unlimited passes and I have already requested the early check in for the Wednesday even though we can´t access the room until 3pm.
My question is this, should I cancel the night of the 4th July and just go for the 1 night stay on 3rd bearing in mind we will get the Express passes for the Wednesday and Thursday? We are staying in Rosen Pointe Orlando for 21 nights 19th June to 10th July but I really wanted to do Universal on 4th July because I heard the fireworks were amazing. Is it worth the extra 550 dollars for the extra 1 days passes on the 5th and to have a room to relax in in the afternoon of the 4th July?
We plan to have a few hours break in the afternoon both days to swim and sleep before heading back to the parks in the evening. Obviously if we cancel the night of the 4th it means a long day or a shorter break if we drive back to the other hotel.

Thanks in advance

I would think to get the most bang for your buck one night makes sense since you get two full days with express pass with the one night. You can check in and get your hotel keys (these are your Express passes) super early. Then you receive a text when your room is ready. Those keys last until the end of the second night.

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Oh I would also keep the night of the 4th. It will be nice to take the boat back to the hotel (or the short walk) after staying late for the fireworks.

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Thanks it makes sense.