Incredibles Dance Party/Expo

Has anyone been to the Incredibles Dance Party/Expo in MK this summer? If so, what exactly is there to do there? Is it worth a visit?

We are hoping to catch some of it next week.

Just picked up an Incredibles t-shirt in Target’s boy’s department last night for ds. :slight_smile:

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Please report back. I am wondering what’s there. Not a fan if just standing in the heat so is it something special?

I saw part of it last week. It’s a DJ, a host, and Mr. Incredible on stage leading a dance party in Tomorrowland. They throw inflatable balls into the crowd, play music, and get the crowd moving. Mr. Incredible comes down off the stage and dances with everybody at the end. It’s a fun way to pass some time, but there is not a lot to it. And yes, it is hot. Even in the shade.

Thank yoy. Sounds fun for the kids but I can’t stand in the heat for that. We will skip it during our Aug visit. thanks for the info.