Increased hours at MK, how to get there?

Just saw that MK will be open 8-8 when we are there 12/14. While this is great, I had Wave booked at 7:30 and planned to Lyft there from Swan. Would prefer to not deal with TTC, but probably have no choice now. Thoughts? It’s our only day there so we would like to RD. Thanks!

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Why wouldn’t you still Lyft to Wave? Or are you cancelling that now

I was thinking of cancelling now, because MK will be open before we finish breakfast. The thought was we could eat quickly and walk over for RD with the 9am opening.

I guess maybe we wing it with a bus from BW?

Can you not still Lyft to the Contemporary, modify the Wave ADR after arriving, and walk to MK?

@Cindy70 and I have identical plans so Im chiming in here too. :blush:

With a 7:30 am Wave reservation, if we arrive at The Contemporary at 6 am are they going to let us in knowing The Wave doesnt open until 7:30? Also, that would mean dumping the res and I hate to do that to the CM if they are expecting a table. So-

Other options for Lyft to Contemporary?

If taking a bus from the Boardwalk area, will we be behind crowds because buses wont start heading to MK until 7?

If taking a Lyft to the TTC, will the TTC buses/monorail be heading to MK from TTC earlier than buses arriving from resorts? Is there a standard time the monorail starts running from the TTC?

All of this! It’s a conundrum.

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The busses from the resorts were waiting there to let people out while we were standing in the line from the Contemporary walk. I think the direct bus if you can get on that first one is your best bet. I would avoid TTC personally. But does the Swan have different busses now or is that change coming next year? Maybe you could walk to Boardwalk and get on their first bus if so. But I’d probably be at the bus stop way early in case a line builds.

You could just take the dining res $10 hit pp and think of it as parking fee. I was not able to last minute cancel or change a reservation I was too full for without calling the dining line and it had a 30 min wait or something and I was trying to enjoy a live performance so I just took the hit. I don’t know if you’ll be able to modify last minute if you try that with the wave res.

Still no bus from Swan, but we planned to walk to BW and get on a bus there. I think that’s our only option at this point.

They have the Mears busses, not sure how those are working.

Since the walkway from GF to MK is now open, you could walk from the TTC to MK, couldn’t you?

I don’t think they don’t let people start parking until they open the temp check lines (at least that’s how DHS and Animal Kingdom are) so you’ll definitely be behind the direct transportation and walkers from resorts themselves.

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I never considered that. Looks like it’s about an 18 minute walk, if they allow it. Would be better than waiting for them to take us.

The Mears buses drop at the TTC. Our plan is if we plan to take a bus to a park, we’ll walk to a different boardwalk resort and take their bus, like you mentioned. Wish we knew (had a crystal ball :crazy_face:) which resort has the earliest and best bus service to MK so we could pick the best one.

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At AK we drove and had to just in our cars in a line until they opened temp checks and gates so all the people on the busses beat the drivers. Does TTC let people park prior to opening? I’d verify that before going to TTC because even Lyfts to AK had to wait in that line to enter the parking lot so I would imagine it would be the same at TTC

with MK opening at 8am, the lot should open (including toLyft drop-offs which is what @Laura_hastings was considering ) around or a little after 7am, based on patterns the past couple of months. I guess one could wait for the ferry or monorail at the TTC, but I would walk


Got it. It makes sense they’d do it diff than the other parks considering the distance from that lot to the park

Actually that sounds exactly what the other parks do because they open temp check 50 min early or thereabouts and the big attractions are operating so if they are letting people in at 7 for an 8 am open you would not be the first thru the gates with a 20 min walk plus parking time. I think the first direct bus would be faster if you can get on the first bus. They were always just sitting there. We walked to DHS 90+ min early before opening and there were tons of hotel busses just sitting there. They must start running two hours early?

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Good to know, thanks!

My decision is tipping toward resort bus now! :trolleybus:

When I was there in Sept cars were in at about the same time as resort buses (I was in the buses to AK).

I had a split stay at BCV and WL/CC. At BCV, I walked to HS so I was at the front of the line, and could see it unfold. The cars were let in the lot about the same time as buses both mornings I saw it, and the Skyliner started delivering guests at about the same time.

For MK, I took the boat from WL, so I didn’t see whether buses got there earlier than parking peeps. But I did see on my AK days that the buses for all parks were not scheduled to be starting to arrive until an hour before park opening, although my AK bus did arrive a little early one of the mornings.

So, the only guarantee to being first in line at Epcot, HS, or MK is walking from a resort that you can get to. Otherwise, I don’t think it is guaranteed that buses, cars, boats, or Skyliner guests are the first to arrive

But also, you don’t need to Be First, just early!