Incorporating the use of DAS into touring plans free

Experimenting with building touring plans for our first trip. Travelling with son on DAS. Special needs are why we need to be most efficient and organized as we will not be able to drop to evening, even with a break. Anyone with experience with DAS have input on how to build it into TP?

No idea about that, but I will say be prepared to wait in an extremely long line to get your DAS pass. When we were there the lines for guest relations at all of the parks were as long as some if the ride lines and those poor people were out in the hot sun wrapped around the building waiting to see someone. It was awful to see. I can’t imagine how people who can’t wait in lines are being forced to do that. Thankfully I think you just have to do that one time during your visit though.

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Thanks for the heads up. We plan on hitting the customer service outside the tapstiles at MK the day before we start parking (i.e. arrival day). If we hit it later in the day, we hope the lines will be shorter.

Hi there, congrats on your first trip! :slight_smile:

Just got back from my own first where we had the DAS for my partner, and I may be able to give you some tips.

  1. To get your pass, you need to go to the Guest Relations desk INSIDE the park. So if you’re going to MK first, it’ll be the one in City Hall.

  2. From our own experience, we went around 15 minutes before park open, and it was a walk-on to the desk. Took us around 3-4 minutes from entering to exiting.

  3. I was apprehensive about adding it in our TP and I ended up being right. TP doesn’t seem to be built to accomodate the fact that you might not be actually in line, while waiting. For us, we decided to either, count anything during the “waiting time” as a bonus for rides we definitely wanted to ride, or we counted the ride using the DAS as a bonus during the time we were doing other things (parade, eating, shopping, etc.)

  4. If you’re like us and you’ll need either a FP or the DAS to ride anything, then my best advice would be to make a TP for everything you want to do in the day, and only count the timings for your FPs & time sensitive events. You’ll definitely be able to knock most, if not all, of what you’ve put in, but there won’t really be a way to time it. You should see it more as a bucket list.

Hope this helps!

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We have to use a DAS for DW for quite a few rides. I enter it as a new fastpass into the custom TP in the Lines app, and re-optimize. Walking speed is always set to relaxed, and optimize for least walking.

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