Incorporating meeting Joy and Sadness in TP

Is there any way to add this into our TP?

It is just in front of Character Spot and is just as busy. I would call it Character Spot, without a FP and see what they suggest. Joy and Sadness were our second stop when in Epcot (just after visiting Baymax) and there was no one. We then went to meet Mickey and the Gang and when we got out, the wait at Joy and Sadness was more than 45 minutes.

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I always add it as a break in my touring plan and allot 30 minutes for the first hour of the morning or during the last two hours the park is open; or, I allot an hour if we go mid-morning - early evening. It is a really great meet-and-great…better than the actual Character Spot (in my opinion). I LOVE Joy, Sadness and Baymax!