Inconsistent Park Hours?

Did they recently update park hours for May? I’m trying to decide if it’ll be worth it to try and hit the parks for a bit on our arrival day (probably get in around 4:30-5). My Universal app says that IOA closes at 7 and USF closes at 6 but online their park hour calendar says IOA closes at 8 and USF closes at 9. This makes a huge difference obviously and if the app is correct I’m only buying one day tickets but if the parks are open later I may buy tickets for our arrival night as well. This is for Monday, May 10th.

For me, the calendar on the Universal website shows the same hours as the app.

Weird. This is what my computer is showing. Trying to think of anything dumb I could be looking at by mistake…

That has happened before to others, not sure why. The App is always the best place to look, the website is sometimes not up to date with relevant information.

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I am shocked they let this happen on a somewhat frequent basis. I nearly bought my tickets yesterday because of the online calendar and got distracted. And then today I just happened to glance at park hours in the app and noticed the inconsistency…I would have been so angry!

Thank you for the help. I guess it’s Toothsome and pool time on arrival day!


Yes, seems to happen almost every time they update hours. You’d think they could get that synched up.

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