DH does not care about Disney and I have to look for creative ways for him to dress Disney in the parks. He loves Deadpool and this seemed like the perfect shirt. Once I saw it in person, I’m second guessing myself if people will take offense to it?

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As a Mickey AND Deadpool fan, I think it’s great…perhaps the sword is what is making you uncomfortable? Mickey holding a weapon seems “wrong”, I could see that maybe? Otherwise, love the concept!

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Then again, there’s this:


No one seems to take offense to it.

I don’t mind the sword in your Deadpool Mickey, but I’m a little creeped out be the eyes seeming glazed and crazy, as well as the ax.


Have you seen either of these:

As much as I love it as a design, I think it’s likely they won’t allow it to be worn in the parks.

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I think it won’t be allowed in.

Thanks all! Maybe at a minimum wear on a travel day. Will now likely purchase the Deadpool Vacay Mode shirt :grinning:


He’s also holding a gun, which probably wouldn’t be looked kindly on in the parks.

They wouldn’t let someone wear this?

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There’s an old axiom about clothes (of any type, for any occasion) which has saved me more than once-

If you think it might be inappropriate, it probably is.


Do they really turn people away for prints on their clothing (and not just costumes, etc.)?

I have seen reports where they do.

They will usually suggest people either cover up or turn the tee-shirt inside out.

Not sure why it won’t let me highlight the paragraph, but basically it says they reserve the right to deny entry to those wearing attire they consider inappropriate or could detract from other guests’ experience.

They will also make you cover up tattoos that are deemed inappropriate or offensive.


Yeah, weird - the website doesn’t permit selecting text. But here is a screenshot:


Yes, and I am thankful for the rule. We were in line for space mountain with a young man who had the F word prominently displayed across his chest in such a way that the reader was involved in the suggested action emblazoned therein. Similar epithets were emitting from his mouth as well. We called Disney from the line and after the ride, security kindly escorted him aside, I assume to ask him to reverse his shirt. We also noticed his ride photo was not displayed. Not a family message, for sure.

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I wonder how he got as far as the Space Mountain line without being challenged. I hope you didn’t have little ones that needed it all explained.

I have a vivid memory of going to Kings Island with my family when I was 10 waiting in line to enter the park and seeing a man wearing a black tank top that said “F* you, F* me, F* everyone.” He was escorted out by security. It’s remarkable how things like that make an impression.

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My guess is he was told to put it inside out and did until the person telling him to do so was out of sight.

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DH wore this one our last trip. Still Deadpool, but a cute Deadpool:
Men's Marvel Deadpool In Pocket Tee Heather&prdPV=10

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There is a sword in the parks that children are encouraged to pull out of a stone.

And they let this in:

Could be worse. One time I saw someone wearing brown shoes with a black suit!