In the vein of Spinal Tap

As Nigel (Christopher Guest) said in This Is Spinal Tap, “These go up to 11.” We may need an 11 setting for the crowd levels on TP. :open_hands: :point_up_2:

We were at MK on March 28, 31, and April 1, all of which were to be and ended up being reported having a crowd level of 10. But on March 28 MK seemed to have significantly more people. Maybe it was just my imagination.

At any rate, we still were able to make our way through the crowd and had a great time. But it did throw us off our TP for the day because of the trouble trying to navigate around a seeming plethora of space-takers and slow-walkers.

Still, a crowded day at MK is better than a day not at MK. :wink:

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As I understand the Touring Plans crowd prediction numbers, holidays like Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Fourth of July go way off the scale. They’re listed as “10”, but are far worse than any other “10” days. That suggests to me a need for a scale that addresses that. However, I’m guessing that more people like a 1-10 scale than there are people who would appreciate if the scale went to 20 or 30.

What bothers me more is the idea of a rolling scale from year to year. Thus a “4” this year is likely to be more crowded than a “4” a couple years ago, because overall crowd levels are up. It may be far more difficult to forecast an absolute crowd level, where people could compare from year to year, but it would also be far more useful for folks who don’t visit as frequently as some of us do.

Crowd levels are based on wait times, not how it feels getting through the bottlenecks around the parks.

But yeah, I’d take an 11 day in Disney over my current quiet cubicle here at work.

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I recall @len mentioning that one of the statisticians referred to the Christmas crowds as being 14s on the 10 scale…