In the air in 48hrs - how will I get it all done?!

OK admittedly, I am sitting here sipping coffee.

In my defense, I worked all night, didn’t sleep so fantastically, and am headed back in in a few hours. Still, in about 20 minutes I will get up off this chair and begin moving.

Need to pack pack packity pack everything i can today.

Need to check in for flight tomorrow and then get toes done - how I missed the toes done detail I can’t know but it must be done because flip flops.

Kids are on school vacation so I feel like I need to tend to them too.

Pool is being an absolute beast and will not cooperate.

I just need to be on that plane with a martini in hand, man.


Have a great vacation. :slight_smile:


Work trip with a little pre-convention R&R including mini-side trip to the Mouse. But thank you!! :smiley: :smiley:


Sounds like mine, except I am doing post-work mini trip.

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Have a fantastic time!!

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Have a great vacation!

Enjoy your trip! I don’t care about my toes, I mean, I’d like to get them done, but then I think that’s $50 I could spend on something else. So I don’t.

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