In-room food/amenity options

I've been to the Disney floral/gift site and feeling pretty underwhelmed!! Was hoping to do something amazing like Cinderella slipper in chocolate or other fancy arrival day treat. Is there a way to contact resort or order something not on the generic floral/food delivery options?

I haven't heard very good things about the floral/gift delivery. If I were doing something, I'd bring my own gift and ask the front desk to put it in the room for you while you're out and about one day. I don't know if they'll do something like that, but my understanding is that most delivery gifts end up not being a surprise because of how they handle them. I can't remember the exact details though. Sorry I'm not more help.

I've had good experiences (so far) with the Disney Floral gift site. There are extras that you can add onto a gift basket. Once you have a gift basket in your cart, you can go to the Build your own basket page and add on anything else from their stock.

So far, the people I've sent things to have been surprised and happy with the gift baskets I've sent.

I think WDW just doesn't do the awesome stuff like Aulani or other properties. frowning the selections are so boring- I want like a cool chocolates plate or an edible sculpture or something beyond the prepackaged "I could just get this in the park" stuff I saw on the site. Sounding like I'm out of luck!

I agree with you! I don't have a good solution, though, sorry. One thing that I was considering was to have an outside gift basket shipped - it's cheaper but not really anything special.

Call and talk to them directly versus doing online ordering. I was really able to custom out something special for my husband by talking to them directly. It was a huge surprise in the room when we got back. I tried to do the same thing at the contemporary and it didn’t work out as well because they delivered it to the room while we were there and my husband was in the bathroom. Didn’t make for the same sparkle.